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Gain the courage to fight for your health, and break free from yo-yo dieting. Be a part of the movement that will change the weight loss industry forever.


You can’t out train a bad diet. I can, however, teach you how to exercise properly, keeping you healthier for longer without the injuries!


Forget everything you have been told about nutrition. Get educated on the body’s metabolism and basic nutrition. Learn to incorporate this into your daily life and practice mindfulness and discipline.


I lost just over 100 pounds in a year. People tell me that is incredibly fast, but what they don’t know, however, is that it had been a struggle for 7 years. The first 6 years were plagued with starvation, yoyo dieting, and tiring myself into the ground. Through Oscar I learned about metabolism and nutrition, allowing myself to see both food and myself differently and eat delicious wholesome foods. My aches and pains left with the weight too, and now I feel amazing. Thanks oscar!


I managed to gain 60 pounds over 4 years of college. I was a very unfit, chubby, man-booby and unhappy man. I kept dabbling in new diets or programmes to lose the weight for years but each time I was never strong enough to give up what I loved and ended up regaining the weight. With Oscars help I have managed to lose the weight and keep it off, all while not being on a diet. If you were like me please give Oscar the chance to change your life!


I was a big girl my whole life. I have lost 120 pounds and have kept it off. In high school that began to define who I was. I remember starving myself, eating only salads, trying silly fad diets and exercising through the resulting exhaustion. I would manage to lose 100 pounds and gain it all back. This became a depressing cycle. Luckily I found out about Oscar and gave him a chance to absolutely change my life. I am no longer that girl who was defined by my weight.