She Did 100 Squats a Day For a Month and This Was The Result

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Many people try to get the body they dream of by either losing weight, gaining general muscle mass or targeting specific areas. However, few people who intend to exercise seriously actually have the willpower to achieve it. One of the people who has accomplished their goals is Gina Florio, a woman who set herself the challenge of doing 100 squats a day for a month.


Thanks to her efforts, Gina managed to gain a more curvaceous body, something she had wanted for a long time. With this daily challenge, she managed to reduce her waist, increase the volume of her butt and gained firmer arms. Gina shared her before and after pictures on her Instagram account.



Yes, you can BUILD CURVES! Ever since I️ was a teen I always loved the curvy look, but I️ was blessed (LOL) with a stocky build that doesn’t have much curve to it. Broad shoulders and a larger waist. I️ used to think that weight training was going to make me stockier and bigger and manlier, but after just a few months of hitting the weights religiously, I️ finally am building some curves! 💃🏽😆🍑💪🏽 ___ It’s all about heavy lifting, functional training, and lots and lots of good food. I️ tossed on this bodysuit last week and realized that all the hard work is paying off. Chicas, if you want curves, go to the gym and get them! #getstrongwithgina #weightliftingforweightloss #asianfitness #asianfitgirls #asianfitgirl #sanfranciscofitness #californiafit #buildcurves #buildingcurves #veganweightloss #plantbasedweightloss #poweredbyplants #veganweightlossjourney #weightlossjourney #veganfitfam #veganfitgirl #plantbasedfit #plantbasedfitnessgirl #plantfitness #plantbasedlife #strongwoman #howtogetstrong #gettingstronger💪 #veganweightlifting #veganweightlifter

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However, it was not an easy task. On the first day her quads ached too much, however she decided not to break the rule of doing them all at once. And with her perseverance, she could see a real change in her body.





“You have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to see a noticeable change in your body, so until that time passes you must maintain your exercise routine. And you need to supplement that with a very balanced diet.”



Just a couple months can make all the difference. This B&A is about much more than abs or thigh gap. When you feel bloated and tired and sluggish all the time, it’s only natural to want to make a change. Along the way i just got addicted to feeling great every single morning, so i stuck with my program, and i still have more goals i want to achieve. it’s all about smart choices and dedication. Be conscious of what you eat and commit to doing things for your health — especially on the days you don’t feel like it! That’s when it counts the most!! More to come of my story on @popsugarfitness 💪🏽💪🏽😆😆 #weightloss #weightlossjourney #getstrongwithgina #popsugar #pslife #beforeandafter #fitness #weightlifting #strengthtraining #intermittentfasting #fitspo #fitgirl #motivation #inspiration #transformationtuesday #transformation

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Awesome work, Gina! Check out her Instagram Account!


Note from Oscar:


“What is your why?”


When you go on a journey for health and/or weight loss it’s really important to make sure you keep the right mindset.


When you set your goals you need to think about whether it is sustainable and achievable. If your “why” is to lose 12 kgs within a month to fit into your dream outfit, you may not maintain your results.


Gina Florio is a prime example of how perseverance and mentality can cause you to achieve your results, she fights through the early burn of exercise and stays true to her challenge. She doesn’t let the burn stop per or halt her results.


98% of people put their weight back on after a diet and people with a coach are 1000% more likely to succeed.


So many of us can waiver at the thought of a strenuous obstacle or goal, however with the right support network and guidance, this can become easier.


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